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  • To provide a safe inclusive space for adults to participate in role playing and tabletop games in a social environment.

  • To promote RPG and tabletop games in the community

  • To provide a venue/forum to support and run RPG and tabletop gaming events


  • We aim to be a comfortable and arty gaming haven for open minded, adult gamers to gather, enjoy common interests and socialise.

  • We aim to be the best gaming club in the southern hemisphere.

  • We aim to always offer an inclusive place where members can feel safe and be treated with respect.

  • We aim to encourage gamers and GMs to experiment with niche games and unique ideas.

  • We aim to provide excellent gaming facilities to help our members

  • We aim to provide a venue (and forum) to support and run RPG and tabletop gaming events.


After growing in size to be able to occupy a whole 2 floors of the previous venue, the decision to incorporate was agreed to in the first meeting of Exiles on 19th November 2016 - With a huge founding committee of 13 (12 eager humans, and a place reserved for the Horned Rat) the club helped to foster the gaming community in the inner west, and grew to be the largest TT Gaming an RPG club in the southern hemisphere.

In 2020, the club had outgrown their current premises, and made the decision to move to the new location on Mitchell St. At this location, we now have 5 dedicated gaming rooms with grid tables throughout, a fully kitted out Wargaming room, with an extensive terrain library and now provide services like 3D printing, hobby and geek workshops and regular gaming events.

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